Shadow over Belhaim

session 1

Falling Towers and Comfy Chairs

The adventure started with the party being hired by Silas Gribb as “extra muscle encase of kobold attacks” as he traveled through Verduran Forrest. Upon entering the town of Belhaim, the caravan was stopped by the town sheriff who had a arrest warrant for Silas Gribb. The party did not intervene with PERVENTING the arrest and the sheriff let them go figuring they were just in the wrong place.

They were given free rooms at the Wise Piper inn, where they met the owner, a gnome named Talia Oren, along with her Servant Mai Fei, a deaf half elven female with a foreign complexion. Mai Fei, who does not have a fondness of goblins because of previous experiences, threatened Ben-ben by turning into a fire elemental. Ben-Pen however figured that the fire elemental shape was all bluff and said flames could not hurt him.

A short while later a large thunder like crashing sound was heard, and the party quickly realized that it was caused by a tower collapsing. Upon reaching the remains of the tower, Ben-ben, Sylvi, and Fig investagated the tower while Marian spoke with the Sheriff and Baroness Origena Devy, who asked for said party to investigate the tower collapsing, (since they were doing it anyways) and keep an eye out for the old eccentric Balthus Hunclay. Who wanted to see the tower destroyed (for reasons currently unknown to the party), and hasn’t been seen for the past few days.

Upon entering the basement. The PC’s discovered that the basement is a jail, fought Giant Centipedes. found two mythril daggers that could be keys, a old key, and lots of empty jail cells. Fate split the party as fig went into the torture room and failed to be compelled by a raven that appeared on her shoulder and tried to compel her to sit on the comfy (spiked) chair. Fig ran out of the room and rejoined the party.

They also found a hidden door containing more jail cells, 3 of these cells contained skeletons, that given the position they were in, the PC’s figured they died of starvation. Upon looking into one door, they saw a human who begged for food. Marian opened the door only to find no one in the room and the feeling of starvation overcame everyone nearby. The door was quickly closed.

The party reentered the torture room and met the raven that told them he would tell a secret if they sat on the comfy chairs. Ben-Ben and Marian complied, each taking 1d4 points of comfy metal spiky damage. The other party members had better intelligence and did not comply. Sylvi threw her sword at the raven starting combat. The ravin revealed itself to be a imp, and when the imp realized that the party had a upper hand, begged for mercy. Telling the party about the hidden door, and after a bit of “intimidation” the imp told the party that the pass code is “Good Baron Sarvo Wills it.” The imp turned invisible and flew away upon revealing the last bit of information.



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